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Calvary Kids

Calvary Kids is the children’s ministry of Calvary Church Albuquerque, which includes Bible Island at our Osuna and Santa Fe campuses, and Wilderness Adventure at our Westside campus.


Calvary Kids provides an age-appropriate, Bible-based interactive program for children from nursery through fifth grade during all regularly scheduled services. Our goal is to provide both physically and emotionally safe spaces in our age-appropriate environments and programs. We believe relationships are important and our classroom teams are consistent in order to help children grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. We believe that God has called parents to be the primary nurturers of their children’s spiritual growth, and work to support parents by coming alongside families in raising up children to be the next generation of Christ’s disciples.


Calvary Kids is available at all Calvary Church campuses, with consistent programs, teachings, and servant and safety policies.


You’re invited to join us on a weekly adventure and get W.I.L.D. with us.

We look forward to serving you and your children.

I’m New

Where do I take my child? How do I check in?

Welcome to Calvary Kids. If this is your first time joining us, our servants at the Assisted Check-In Desk located in the main foyer of our children’s area can help you check your child in before going to your child’s classroom. You will receive temporary child ID and parent ID tags with matching identification numbers; place the paper ID badge on your child’s shirt and keep the parent ID tag for pick-up. Your parent ID tag must be shown at pick-up for us to release your child at the end of class; if your parent ID tag is misplaced, return to the Assisted Check-In Desk. If you would like to preregister your child, visit the first-time family registration page. When you arrive at Calvary Church visit the Assisted Check-In Desk and let them know you preregistered; they will have your child’s temporary ID badge and parent pick-up tag ready for you. If you choose to make Calvary Church your home church, you can register your child for permanent Calvary Kids ID cards.


Calvary Kids is now available for kindergarten through fifth grade only. For the time being, Calvary Kids is not available for the Sunday 8 am service.


We are placing all crafts in individual packets that will not be shared. These packets will also be available for children sitting with their families outside and in the Hub.


You must check in your children in advance through our new Calvary Church Check-In app, available in Google Play and the iOS App StoreMobile check-in opens Saturday at noon for weekend services and Wednesday at noon for the midweek service. Per state regulations, parents/guardians cannot follow their children past the drop-off points.


  • Osuna campus drop-off and pickup:
  • K-2nd drop-off: outside preschool entrance in the front desk foyer, near south doors
  • 3rd-5th drop-off: near Calvary Kids offices adjacent to front desk
  • North entrance to Bible Island will be closed
  • K-2nd pickup: preschool west entrance
  • 3rd-5th pickup: west entrance by the playground
  • Westside and Santa Fe campuses:
  • Drop-off and pickup are the same, but parents are not allowed inside


If you choose to make Calvary Church your church home, please register your family for permanent Calvary Kids ID cards. You will receive a child ID card and parent pick-up tags with matching identification numbers unique to your family. ID cards will be ready to be picked up at the Assisted Check-In Desk within two weeks. These cards may be scanned at the Self Check-In Kiosks to check your child in to class. Cards may be used at all three Calvary Church campuses (Osuna, Santa Fe, and Westside) interchangeably.

Getting the Bible into Our Kid’s Lives

We are passionate about sharing the Bible in creative, age-appropriate ways with children of every age. Children aged two years through fifth grade will hear the same Bible lessons each week, tailored for their age group. We encourage your child to bring their Bible; prizes will be rewarded to the children who remember to bring their Bible.



We teach the love of Christ by showing the love of Christ to the babies, crawlers, walkers, and toddlers in our nursery program. This may be a child’s first experience outside of the home and we are able to share His love in a safe environment, allowing parents to worship in the sanctuary without distractions.

Early Childhood


We begin teaching biblical truths at age two with a broad picture of the Bible story: God’s creation of the world, His love for them, and that He sent His Son for them. Early childhood follows the same lessons as the elementary program with age-appropriate worship, hands-on activities, lessons, and videos for ages two through four.

Lower Elementary


Our kindergarten through second grade program was created for this age group with worship, activities, videos, and Bible lessons that present the Bible not just as a collection of stories, but as one story—the story of God’s redemption. Throughout these three years, your children will have further opportunity to study the Bible at a deeper level.

Upper Elementary


Our third through fifth graders meet as a group in the Cove for worship and Bible drama, then break out into small groups to dive deeper into God’s Word and learn how to apply the Bible to their lives. During small group time, children participate in activities, games, and discussions that reinforce the Bible lesson learned in the large group setting; our goal is to create a safe environment in each small group so our students are comfortable in asking questions. We believe this age group learns best in a consistent small group where they can develop friendships with their peers and their leaders, who commit to their small groups for the duration of those three years.

Special Needs


At Calvary Kids, our goal is to meet the needs of every child who comes through our doors. We can arrange a “buddy” for your child in the classroom, or offer your child a smaller, quieter classroom setting. Our special needs program caters to each child’s abilities and interests as we teach God’s Word interactively through movies, storytelling, and songs. Please call our office to make an appointment with Calvary Kids staff prior to your child’s first visit to help us best accommodate your child’s needs and arrange for the best teacher for your child.

Serving Opportunities

Our Calvary Kids ministry team offers several opportunities to serve, including teaching, worship, drama, sound board, check-in, and special needs.


To serve with us at Calvary Kids, you must attend all four sessions of Life Track. Upon completion, fill out a servant application and complete a background check and ministry interview. An orientation will be scheduled with Calvary Kids staff to determine classroom placement; Calvary Kids will provide each servant with a badge and Calvary Kids t-shirt.

Serve One Service

Serve One Service


We are sending out an SOS (Serve One Service) to all parents of children in Calvary Kids. Extra hands are welcome in each classroom, and parents can sign up to serve in their child’s classroom. Visiting parents will receive a temporary badge, but will not teach, or help with bathroom trips. Serve One Service is a chance to see what your child is learning and be involved in their spiritual growth. We hope you will hear our SOS and be inspired to join our Calvary Kids team. Sign up at your child’s classroom or on the SOS sign-up page.

Youth Servants


At Calvary Kids, we are happy to serve alongside our youth servants, aged eleven through seventeen. Our youth servants are required to attend a Youth Servant Class (held on the first Sunday of the month at 9:45 am in room M14 on our Osuna campus) with their parent or guardian and meet with Calvary Kids staff for an interview and orientation before being placed in a classroom. Youth servants aged sixteen through seventeen are also required to attend Life Track. Calvary Kids will provide each youth servant with a badge and Calvary Kids t-shirt. (Youth Servant classes are held on the first Sunday of the month at 9:45 am in room M14 on our Osuna campus.)


In addition to our weekly services, Calvary Kids hosts special events for children and their families throughout the year.

Sheologie Calvary Kids

Tuesday night Calvary Kids offers a high-energy children’s program for the children of women who attend Sheologie’s quarterly Bible study sessions. Register your child(ren).



Vacation Bible Sensation is Calvary Kids’ biggest outreach of the year. Each year the kids of our community (preschool through fifth grade) are invited for this week-long adventure.

Fall Fest

Fall Fest

Families are invited to Calvary Kids’ free Halloween alternative—Fall Fest—at our Osuna and Westside campuses for games, face painting, soft toys, prices, and candy.

Take Flight

Fifth Grade V.I.P. Party

Calvary Kids partners with SPCTRM Student Ministries every spring to celebrate our fifth graders as they say goodbye to their Cove leaders and get to know their new SPCTRM leaders.

Photo Gallery

In addition to our weekly services, Calvary Kids hosts special events for children and their families throughout the year.


Vacation Bible Sensation

Fifth Grade V.I.P. Party

Family Room

Can I bring my child into the Sanctuary?


Our Family Room (accessible from the east foyer) is available for parents who prefer to attend service with their children; this room is designed with a clear view of the sanctuary, as well as video and audio, to ensure a meaningful worship service and preserve an attitude of worship in our main sanctuary. We ask that parents be considerate of other families that are also utilizing the Family Room.

Dedications and Baptisms

Baby Dedications

Baby Dedications are an opportunity for Calvary Church to come alongside your family in prayer. A dedication differs from other traditions and is not meant to infuse your child’s life with special graces. During your baby’s dedication, we will pray over your commitment to God as parents, your commitment to marriage God’s way (if married), and for your child to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout their life.

Children’s Baptism Class

If your child wishes to be baptized at our Osuna campus, join us for our class for children who are ready to make a public profession of their faith through baptism. Your child should be old enough to understand the significance of receiving Christ (typically third through fifth grade) and be ready to make a public profession of their faith and verbalize their testimony. Children must attend with a parent or legal guardian. Children older than fifth grade do not need to attend this class to be baptized.

HIStory – God’s Story of Redemption

Preschool HIStory

Elementary HIStory

Now you know your ABC’s – it’s Gods plan of redemption for you!


If you prayed that prayer, welcome to God’s family!


These are the Next Steps to Growing in God.


Share your Story with us.

Next Steps

We are so happy that you have decided to follow Jesus with your whole heart. No other decision is as important as choosing to follow God and nothing compares to a life spent following Him. But you may be asking yourself: What’s next? How do I live a life following God? Here are four important steps for every new believer to take:

Read your Bible every day.

God gave us the Bible to show His love for us through the story of Jesus Christ and to show us how to live our lives. Allow God to speak to you through the Bible by reading daily.

Pray every day.

Praying is how we have conversations with God. Talk to Him and ask for wisdom. Start praying every day and see how God moves in your life.

Get involved.

Come get W.I.L.D. with us at Calvary Kids. We have services Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, Saturdays at 6:30 pm, and Sundays at 9:45, and 11:30 am. Each week we dig into God’s Word with worship, instruction, love, and discipleship. Calvary Kids is for children aged six weeks through fifth grade.

Get baptized.

Getting baptized is an important step in the Christian life. Although we are not saved by baptism, Jesus Himself was baptized and He instructed believers to be baptized as well (see Matthew 28:19). Check for info on upcoming Children’s Baptism Classes created especially for our Calvary Kids students and upcoming Calvary Church baptisms.


For more information about Calvary Kids classes and events, call the Calvary Kids office at 505.344.4101 or visit We look forward to seeing you and worshiping our great God with you.

We are W.I.L.D. about God

W.I.L.D. stands for Worship, Instruction, Love, and Discipleship

We invite you to join our adventure and get W.I.L.D. with us each and every week.


Our Calvary Kids staff is passionate about pointing kids to Jesus. We are here for you.

Roxie Sharp

Calvary Kids Director, Osuna, Westside and Santa Fe campuses

Gina Gonzales

Calvary Kids Supervisor

Erica Epps

Westside Children’s Coordinator 3rd-5th Grade Assistant Coordinator

Toni Moffett

Lower Elementary Assistant Coordinator


Cathy Duran

Early Childhood Assistant Coordinator


Lauren Villareal

Nursery Assistant Coordinator

Amanda Roche

Drama Coach

Kallie Macias

Office Administrator

Stephanie Gorman

Check-In Administrator


Bernadette Shanaberger

Santa Fe Children’s Coordinator

Jesus said,

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
– Matthew 19:14

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